The first part of gaining weight and building muscle is practicing good eating habits. This is best accomplished if you are following a great eating program. A great eating program will force you to eat a well balanced diet consisting of a variety of foods that all offer something positive for the body.

One of the most important foods in this diet will be protein food. You need to eat high levels of protein if you wish to put more weight on your body. Fish is one of the best sources of protein you can find. It has high levels of protein while also containing low levels of fat. It is best prepared by baking in the oven. This cuts down on both fat and grease, making it the healthiest it can be. Two other great sources of protein are lean meats and poultry.

Fruits and vegetables are another important aspect of your diet. They contain valuable nutrients and vitamins the body needs to grow and be healthy. What you drink is also important. Avoid drinking soda at all costs as it only offer high levels of sugar. Water, milk and fruit drinks are both healthy and quenching.

A diet that includes the food listed above is a great start to your eating program. It will make the weight training you do much more effective and beneficial. The key to finding a great training routine is choosing one that is designed for your specific body type.

If you struggle to gain weight and build muscle, you are probably a hardgainer. This is because your muscles recover slowly after a workout and they need extra time to heal before your next training session. Finding a workout regiment that allows for this added rest time is the best way for you to bulk up.